Call status has been updated since this document went to press. Please check for the most up-to-date information

Faculty Update

The Board of Regents has extended six divine calls to teachers to serve at FVL.

  • Three of these calls will replace June 2022 retirees: Mr. Tim Bentz, Mrs. Denise Schlawin, and Mr. Matt Schlawin.
  • One call extends a permanent position to Mrs. Rachel Lemke who had been serving the past two years under one-year calls.
  • The final two calls are new: Athletic Director (splitting the current Activities Director into two positions) and another special needs position in our growing Student Services Department.

The Board of Regents will continue to meet as needed to place calls to fill all our vacant positions. Information about those called will be found at and on FVL's social media feeds.

Current Spanish/Religion teacher Mr. Isaiah Degner has accepted a position at Martin Luther College. Other FVL teachers currently holding calls to other locations include: Rev. Brad Krause (Prince of Peace Lutheran Church-Salt Lake City, UT) and Miss Lauren Ewings (West Lutheran High School-Plymouth, MN).

Please keep all these individuals in your prayers as they seek wisdom and direction on where they can best use their gifts to serve the Lord.

Student Teachers

FVL is hosting two student teachers from Martin Luther College this semester: Mr. Derek Gulrud (Spanish) is working with Mr. Isaiah Degner, and Mr. Tony Sahatjian (physical education) is working with Mr. Joel Kramer.


faculty & staff are currently serving at FVL


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