2021-22 Budget to be Adopted in May

On February 22, FVL’s General Board was introduced to the 2021-22 budget.

Key elements in the budget process include . . .

  • enrollment projections
  • staffing decisions
  • church commitments for the upcoming year

Next year’s enrollment is projected between 662-672 students.

Last year it was decided to move budget approval from the February meeting to the May meeting because leaders will have a more accurate picture of enrollment and budget figures by then. A two percent salary increase was approved for faculty and staff. In this budget preview, the Federation churches would support just over 13% of the cost of operating the high school.

2021-22 Tuition Rates

The General Board has approved the following rates for the coming year:

Federation Rate

  • 1st Child - $7,578
  • 2nd Child - $7,169

Non-Federation Rate

  • 1st Child - $10,527
  • 2nd Child - $9,790

From the air - Tower Entrance


Orientation Day for the

2021-22 school year.

662-672 the projected

enrollment for 2021-22

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