Campus Updates & Fall Work Day

Your Help Needed!

Earlier this summer, FVL hosted a Time and Talents Day. We had about 80 people in attendance and accomplished many tasks. One project that was started, but needs many hands to finish, is trimming around the pond by the football field.

On Saturday, October 2, starting at 8 AM, we are looking for 40-50 volunteers and about 6 chainsaws and other brush trimmers to help clear out trees and underbrush. Many hands will certainly make light work!

Other Projects

There are other projects in progress or about to be started. FVL had a gracious donor who funded and is building a new soccer storage shed and press box. In addition, work on our Meadow Fields is coming to completion. Also, our tennis courts are in the process of being removed. At this time, the plan is to seed the area until our Master Campus Plan can be revisited. You will notice a new sign on the east Commons entrance that matches the new sign at the Bell Tower. Thanks to a few generous donors and our Alumni Alive, we were able to add this signage on campus. Finally, we plan to build additional garage space next to our current 5-stall garage. This will allow us to house all of our equipment properly and provide better care for these tremendous blessings on campus.

If you have questions, please contact President Loberger at


Pond 10 years ago

Tennis Court


The FVL tennis teams are now practicing and playing at the Fox Cities Racquet Club.

Soccer Press Box

& Storage Shed

Thank you to our donor for making this possible!

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