Excited to be Back!

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Looking more "normal"

As we open the doors this school year, things look more like a “normal” pre-pandemic year. Classrooms have shifted back to their regular layout, while keeping the recommended distancing. In addition, we have gone back to two lunches instead of three and to a fully-attended chapel each day. We are also excited to announce that the North Eastern (NEC) and Bay Conferences have approved “No Limitations” on spectator attendance. This allows all students, parents, and other FVL supporters to attend all events. Another bonus for students this year will be adding back the dances and social events, which are so important to relationship-building among our student body.

Subject to Change

One of the greatest lessons we learned from 2020 is that all plans are subject to change. Our administrative team continues their vigilance in working with local health officials and surrounding schools to make any modifications to our plans, so that we continue to carry out the mission that has been in front of the ministry for the past 68 years—“Partnering with Federation congregations and parents to train teens for lives of service and eternity.”

May the Lord continue to bless this ministry and all those who support it through their gifts, prayers, and time!

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