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Exciting Changes

  • Anyone can subscribe!
  • Same content - easily readable on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Links to articles or pages easily shared with families and friends
  • Access latest FVL publications and news anywhere
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Now Available Online

  • President's Report Monthly distribution - only available online
  • FVL BEACON August, December, March & May issues - distributed in print & online to FVL Federation church members . . . and now subscribers
  • Legacy Magazine December & July issues - printed & mailed to alumni & supporters . . . and now available to subscribers as a way to help save postage and print expenses

Navigation Tips for Desktop!

We have pulled together a few key pointers to help you find your way around this online publication.


Click the "Hamburger Menu" . . .

  • You will gain access to clickable thumbnail images of every page in the publication
  • See two options at the top of the screen - PAGES and EDITIONS. As more BEACONS are published, you will be able to view older BEACONS by clicking the EDITIONS link.

Page Numbers

This shows the total number of pages in the publication (10) as well as the page you are currently viewing (4).


This is similar to the "Home" page on a website. Click "Cover" to go to the first page of this publication. If you are on a mobile device, you will not have access to this link.

Email & Website

  • Click the envelope to send an email to FVL personnel.
  • Easily access the FVL website home page by clicking the globe.


When a page loads, the bottom center of the screen displays a white arrow pointing down to indicate that there is more content to view.

Next or Previous Page

The bottom right of the window includes an arrow to the right and to the left. Go to the next or the previous page by clicking the arrow.

Convenient Share Options

The footer of every page provides links for easy sharing of pages on social media or in an email.

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