Use SCRIP to Save

Money for Tuition

SCRIP is a simple way to help FVL’s Tuition Assistance program and also to cut costs on your student’s tuition. Some families elect to take their cash rebate back at year-end or even donate the full portion to FVL.

Through this program, you buy and use gift cards for your usual purchases—groceries, restaurants, gas, retail stores, and more. The cash rebate varies for each participating business. Last year, over $1,500,000 of SCRIP was sold through FVL!

  • The SCRIP Office is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the school year.
  • Get SCRIP updates and tips on the FVLHS News app
  • See hours at (go to the SCRIP+Office Hours tab).

How do I sign up?


If you spend . . .

$500 in groceries, $300 in gasoline, and $100 on clothing in a month, you could have a $45 credit toward tuition.

Over 700 retailers . . .

restaurants, clothing, entertainment, and home improvement stores all have SCRIP vendor options.

Enroll today!

You can begin as soon as your child is born. Check the FVL website and contact the SCRIP Office personnel for more information.

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